Friday, June 22, 2007

3rd puppy class!!

On Wednesday was our third first puppy class and our first one in Oakville. We picked up Amy and Ribbon and then drove down. First we went to Oakville Place and practiced going up and down escalators and open back stairs. We were there for about an hour then went to get something to eat. On our way out Amy and Ribbon and Marg, Rachele and I walked passed the post box while the humans were banging it to practice. We both did well. But people were looking at us like we were crazy. hehehe. Then we went to get the humans some dinner. They couldn't decide whether to go to Timmy's or Wendy's. We ended up circleing Timmy's and then finally settled on going to Wendy's. The humans in the car ate quick as we drove to puppy class. When we got there I got to meet my stepbrother Quadry. He is HUGE. Then we went on our walk through downtown Oakville. We walked over grates and weaved between lamp posts. And during our walk I went in to Starbucks for the first time with my mom while Rachele got a drink. After class Mommy, Rachele, Amy, Ribbon and I drove home. I had fun and can't wait for the next puppy class when I get to see my brothers and sisters again!

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